H-Town Runners

Promoting Running in the Houston Area for All Class of Runners

Welcome to H-Town Runners Club

We are a Houston based running club serving the Houston area and surrounding communities.  We welcome runners at all levels of running abilities from beginners to elite runners. Our runners compete in all distances from 5K to marathon. We are Houston's NEWEST running club with 50 members strong and growing.  This club was started with a simple philosophy:

"To promote running for all class of runners from beginners to advanced/elite runners"

We strive to improve performance in ALL runners and we measure performance not only through improved race times but through injury free running by training smartly and efficiently at the desired effort. H-Town Runners like to run, race and pick up the hardware at local events as well as out of state events. Our club members have decades of running experience and are always available for assistance with your running related questions on training and road race management. 

Our club favorite quotes are:

    "If you had the courage,stamina,and persistence to cross the finish-line, you are a champion."
                                                                                 DEAN KARNAZES     

        "Most people run a race to see who is the fastest. I run a race to see who has the most guts."

                                                                              STEVE PREFONTAINE

These quotes apply to runners of all levels. You're a champion if you have the courage to signup for a race and finish - regardless of time.  As with most weekend warriors, we race putting forth our best effort. We will not be satisfied with our performance unless we know we gave all (guts) we had. After all, we understand that's all we can really do - put forth our best effort and if we win - great, if we don't were still Champions for having tried.

We encourage you to get more information about our club and join us for one of our club runs.

Our club logo includes the American Eagle, a sign of strength and a sign of freedom - freedom to choose the club that is right for  you. We just happen to think that this club is the one right for you.

H-Town Runners Club
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Running Solo?

Running Solo?

You're a lone wolf. A renegade. We get you. That's why we have so many running workout options available. There are so many benefits in running in groups - motivation for one, security for another. Getting those long runs in for marathon training can be a bore at times. That's why H-Town Runners vary their meeting places for long runs on the weekends. Take your running to the next level. Come and join us for a long run.

Where to run????

Where to run?

We get it. Memorial Park is the running mecca in the Houston area. What about George Bush Park? Terry Hershey Park, Brazos Bend State Park, etc... Point is there are plenty of places to run in the Houston area and surrounding vicinity. There's plenty of shade to be had at George Bush park. There are just as many motivated runners at these parks as there is at Memorial Park. Sweat is sweat and no matter what park you go to it's still sweat.

Getting (and staying) injury free is in your horoscope

Getting (and staying) injury free

Nothing's more important than staying injury free. So why are you struggling with injuries or running with pain? Probably because you're just now checking us out. H-Town Runners members have seen it all and experienced it all. Why make the same mistakes. Join us for a long run and we'll tell you what you need to do to become injury free.Join our club and pretty soon you will be getting fortune cookies that say:
"Confucius says: Today you will run a PR marathon!"

"Take me to your Leader"

meet our leader

Meet our Leader. Victor Aguirre has been a landmark in the Houston Running Community for several decades. Victor lives and breathes running. Can you get Victor to change the subject from other than running? Not likely! It has been tried unsuccessfully several times. Victor loves to meet and greet runners at the park. Victor is also a strong willed competitor and will do what it takes to ensure his team and club are on top.



To become a member of the H-Town Runners Club, please click the form below to open the membership pdf form, print and mail to address on form.
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